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Selecting the Correct Items for a military survival gear

Selecting the Correct Items for a military survival gear

Military survival gear are emergency gears that were originally designed for military use. This makes these immensely popular seeing as how the quality of one of these gears cannot be questioned considering they were used by the armed services for emergency situations. If you want a multi-use survival gear that is going to give you the tools you need for a wilderness survival situation, you can do a lot worse than looking to the armed forces for an example of how it should be done.

military survival gear

There are a few warnings that come along, however. While these gears are very well designed to be compact and yet offer the maximum benefit, it’s important to remember that military servicemen are also trained how to use this material in the field. This is critical! Fishing line can be an incredible fishing tool, or it can be useless string. It all depends on how experienced the hands using it are. The same can be said of flint and steel, a garbage bag, or an unlubricated condom.

These are good survival tools for people who know how to use them, but they can be worthless to someone who doesn’t. This is the one major drawback of a military survival gear: a person has to have some degree of training or understanding of survival tools in order to be able to get the most out of this type of gear. However, if you are willing to do a little bit of learning to prepare yourself, these gears are among the best available to consumers.

I realize this can be an awful lot of information to absorb all at once, and you want to make sure to make the right decision when it comes to being prepared for emergencies.

Selecting the Correct Items for a military survival gear

Having the correct items for a survival situation, whether it is a planned excursion into the wilderness or a surprise event, is not just a matter of having a particular item, but also in having the correct variety of a particular item in an ideal quantity. In a perfect world, space would not be an issue, and every individual would have an unlimited amount of whatever they needed. However, in the real world, logistics are just as important as item selection, necessitating the adherence to a few guidelines in order to successfully survive any situation.

Food: Quantity and Quality.

There is a reason that people rarely bring salad on camping trips; its horribly inefficient from a caloric standpoint when it comes to not only weight, but in calories required for digestion. The corollary of course, is that protein bars are a suggested item for every survival guide gear because they offer an extreme amount of energy in a tiny, easily transportable package.

Overall, it is important to strike the correct balance between quantity and quality of food when packing for a possible survival situation or camping trip. While no one wants to eat military surplus meals the entire time they are in the woods, it is hard to argue against an MRE as they are specifically designed by the military to provide a maximum amount of calories while taking-up a minimal amount of space.

Equipment: Keep it Simple Stupid.

The KISS concept, or Keep it Simple Stupid, is an old military acronym, usually mentioned by the lowest level of soldiers as they attempt to implement an overly complicated plan or operation designed by someone far removed from the chaos and unpredictability of the battle field. When it comes to survival equipment, many people ignore this maxim, and attempt to cram as many items as possible into their gear.

Ideally, unless any item can function in multiple roles, it should not be included. For example, while a hatchet is a great item, in most cases, any task that it would be needed for could most likely be done with a quality knife instead. Multipart functionality is the reason why a solid hunting knife is at such a premium in a survival gear. A solid knife, with a thick blade and heavy, single piece tang and handle, can be used to chop would, hammer pegs, spear fish, and anything else in-between.

Finally, items that require batteries or a charge should be at an absolute minimum. Reliance on technology is great for situations where a repairman is a phone call away, but in a situation of virtual isolation, dependence on complex machinery can often prove disastrous.

After experiencing all the calamities, the world has become aware of the importance of the military survival gear. Calamities have constantly struck different places of the world where many people died and suffer so much of pain, hunger, sorrow, and death of loved ones. Because of the experience that the world has been through, the people have finally learned their lessons about the significance of being prepared for some unwanted tragedies to strike. Military survival gear is one of these preparations that the world wants to implement. During those times when people were afflicted, survival gear has been very helpful. From the traumatic experiences that these people have been through, these gears help them to survive and sustain themselves until they have fully recovered. The reason why most people had suffered during those times of tragedies, it’s because most of them had taken for granted the importance of this military survival gear. Do you know why it was called the survival gear? Survival gears are available in the market and online in different assortment depending on what type of emergency that you usually experience. They may also contain different survival items since each emergency may need different approaches to deal with the situation. An emergency exit plan is also important. Make this exit plane be known to military so they would also be aware of the things that they need to do. Now that we already have experienced these tragedies, I hope that we would now give importance to these military survival gear. We will not know its significance until the tragedy strikes again.

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