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Join now to Help Your Life blog team. If you are interested in blogging so do not hesitate write your own words without restrictions, and participated others what you have. So if you want to contribute to the blog content, you have to Send a post that isn’t taken from other blogs or sites, and it should be a good post accompanied by pictures on the word file, if we see it and select, it will be published and their names, site and link will also be put down.

Note that if I did not answer you, it means that your post was rejected because of the reasons, and you have to write your own post.

Some of the conditions that must be adhered to:


– Not accept topic transmitted.

– Not accept topic that contain pirated or illegal material.

– Not accept bad quality topics (writing acceptable quality).

– Not accept topics that were previously addressed in the blog

– Not accept topics that include codes or activate programs

– Not accept topics of bad quality expression or many misspelled

– The subject should be talking about one of the sections on the site

– Topics are not published until the manager informed them.

The terms are clear and simple

Finally, you should send your post to this e-mail :