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How to Choose Best Survival Backpack 2016

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack 2016


A classic and reliable backpack should be one that is very comfortable and contains all that is needed during the entire period. There are different backpacks that you will find on the market today, but you will only need the best survival backpacks for reliable and convenient services. There are also various factors that you need to put into consideration before selecting on the type of backpack to use. Below are some of the ultimate backpacks you can rely on.

goruck gr2 backpack review

Price: $27


Goruk GR2

This is one of the best survival backpacks that will guarantee you nothing, but the best. The backpack is rated as one of the best since it is designed by a former Forces specialist. This is a person who has got the experience of all that is needed while in the field. This, therefore, implies that he has designed the backpack to suit all your needs. It is a roomy backpack, which is fully loaded in the minimalist. Besides this, it is also partitioned properly and zipped such that you can easily get all you need in the shortest time possible. To ensure a long term service, the backpack is made from high quality material to ensure it serves you for a life time.



  • Specific compartment for electronics

This is a sophisticated backpack that will guarantee you the safety of your laptop and other electronics that can be easily damaged in case you fall off the ground. This is because the compartment is close to your back and this implies that even if you fall, the laptop will not be damaged.

  • Spacious

It has a volume of about 47L and very many compartments that are zipped. This enables you to keep all you need and in the safest place possible.

  • Adheres to Transportation Security Administration

This bag is manufactured in the best way possible to enable you to travel with it to any given place. Since it meets the set standards of the Transportation Security Administration, you have the opportunity to take it on the plane and even wear it when travelling on trains.

  • Lots of room for freedom

This elegant backpack gives the users a lot of room for movement. This is contributed by its adjustable straps and compact design hence you can always move as you feel like.

  • Lowers weight on the back

This is the best backpack that will not put a lot of pressure on your back. This, therefore, implies that you won’t feel very exhausted. The design of the backpack concentrates the weight on the shoulder and this makes it even easier to walk.

  • Made from high quality material

The material used in the manufacture of this elegant bag is one that guarantees a lifetime service. You will always find that when you buy the backpack, it will always be very rigid and rough. This is just a proof of how long lasting the backpack is and you are assured of a lifetime service.

Besides the above features, this backpack also has high quality zippers that allows you to organize all your stuff easily. Get it today and you will definitely love it. This is just, but one of the best survival backpacks you will find on the market today. The backpack is available online at a price that really worth its quality.


arc'teryx altra 65 backpack review

Price: $380.99 – $450.00


Arc’teryx Altra 65 Backpack

This is another classic backpack that will offer you quality and reliable services. It is very easy to arrange since every stuff has a suitable compartment for it. The backpack is comfortable and always lighter in weight than others. This is the reason why it is highly recommended by most specialists. Due to its unique nature, it has multiple purposes as it can be used for carrying emergency gears or even for carrying all your things when you go out for hiking.



  • Waterproof

This is one key feature that makes it very unique. The backpack is waterproof hence it won’t wet the things you are carrying in it even when it rains. It has a smart rain cover that will ensure that it remains completely dry.

  • Extra and reachable pockets

This splendid backpack is very ergonomic. This is because it has several pockets, some of which you can easily reach without taking off the backpack. This allows you to get whatever you may need very fast without wasting time. Besides the umpteen number of pockets, it also features a daisy chain. This is specifically for hanging things on the backpack. This is, therefore, the best backpack for you.

  • High level of comfort

The backpack is known to be very comfortable because of its smarter features. It has a hip support that will enable you to hold on the backpack comfortably. This will therefore ensure that you don’t feel much weight on the back, but on the soldier. It also has an air flow on the back. This is to ensure a continuous air flow on warm weather for a great comfort.

  • Compression straps

It also comes with four different compression straps that will ensure that everything is in its right place. This will, therefore, avoid unnecessary movement of whatever you are carrying in the backpack for more comfort. Besides the compression straps, it also comes with a padded strap that may feel kind of rigid and rough on the first days, but will get smooth within a few days.

  • Spacious and lightweight

The backpack has several spacious compartments that enable you to keep all your stuff safety. It is also lightweight as it measures about 73L without the Lid and 75L with the lid. Its maximum height is about 38cm and a width of 43cm. This is the best survival backpack for anyone who would love to safely carry all the stuff.

These are the best survival backpacks that you will find on the market today. They vary in the volume size and weight and therefore it is wise to select on the specific one that will serve you best. In choosing the best survival backpack, you should put the following factors into consideration; level of comfort, amount of room and additional storage space. You should also check on the amount of room to move and air flow on the back side among others. These will guide you on selecting the best survival backpack.

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